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Scotia Aid Sierra Leone

Yet another £1 MILLION charity is being probed after The Sunday Post revealed it pays only a fraction of its income to the impoverished people it claims to help. Scotia Aid Sierra Leone, based in Uddingston Scotland, hands over just … Continue reading

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We’re back

After a period of illness we are back. Thank goodness for the NHS – what’s left of it. There can be no doubt that this present government are out to privatise the NHS. Free quality health care may soon be … Continue reading

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Top 10 Charities (Income)

We’ve argued often that some charities are so large that they should be treated  as businesses. The annual income of the top ten charities is astonishing. The list below represents the top 10 charities by income. Number Charity name Total … Continue reading

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LAMH Recycle Motherwell

A story regarding LAMH Recycle from Motherwell, Scotland was brought to our attention recently. It’s been ongoing since November 2014 and is continuing today. This story shows what happens when charities get greedy and go wrong. Mr John McArthur used … Continue reading

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Salvation Army Xmas Appeal

The Salvation Army Xmas Appeal has been appearing on TV and dropping through our letter boxes recently. It must have cost a small fortune. As a former donor, the Salvation Army sent me a Christmas card and a personal letter … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With Charity?

Recently we had the pleasure of reviewing Tim Watkins book; What’s Wrong With Charity?: How modern charity practices are undermining our communities, democracy and public trust. Charity – the voluntary giving of one’s time or money to alleviate suffering, to … Continue reading

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Salvation Army Care Home

A reader sent this letter to Charity Watch UK about the Salvation Army and the care of her Mother at one of their care homes… I would like to draw attention to the recent disgraceful episode at one of their … Continue reading

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