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Trussell Trust & MOS

The Mail on Sunday newspaper carried out a disgusting attack on the Trussell Trust (food bank charity) and Citizens Advice Bureau (advice charity) today. In the article, the Mail journalist, Ross Slater, lied to a volunteer worker at a Citizens … Continue reading

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Comic Relief Expose Update 2

Gina Miller of Miller Philanthropy has added her views on the BBC Panorama’s ‘All in a Good Cause’ which exposed how donations made to Comic Relief were invested via leading fund management companies rather than going straight to worthy recipients. … Continue reading

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Lord Bhatia ‘Misappropriated £600,000’ EMF Funds

Ethnic Minority Foundation The Ethnic Minority Foundation has accused Lord Bathia (left) of misappropriating over £600,000 of its funds while he was in charge. Lord Bhatia has made a counter-claim against the EMF for £250,000. Lord Bhatia faces a series … Continue reading

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Comic Relief Expose Update

BBC will now broadcast a Panorama investigation into Comic Relief that had previously been postponed. See our Previous Post on this. COMIC RELIEF If the claims against Comic Relief about investing in tobacco, alcohol and arms firms are shown to … Continue reading

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Age Concern Birmingham

A couple of readers have written to us with concerns about the finances at the charity Age Concern Birmingham. The last accounts were published in December 2012 INCOME: £2,141,594 STAFF COSTS Wages & Salaries       £1,264,312 Social Security … Continue reading

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Comic Relief Expose Shelved

The Daily Mirror and  Daily Telegraph report that the planned broadcast of a BBC Panorama investigation into Comic Relief has been postponed. The six-month probe for Panorama was carried out by independent TV company Matchlight. The Claims Against Comic Relief … Continue reading

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Charity Workers Guilty

Two stories about misconduct from charity workers this week courtesy of BBC Scotland News. Former senior police officer guilty of sexual assaults Pervert boss of Aberdeen Council of Voluntary Organisations, Ian Paterson, is found guilty of sexual assaults. Read the … Continue reading

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