Scotia Aid Sierra Leone

scotia aid sierra leone logoYet another £1 MILLION charity is being probed after The Sunday Post revealed it pays only a fraction of its income to the impoverished people it claims to help.

Scotia Aid Sierra Leone, based in Uddingston Scotland, hands over just 13p of every £1 raised to good causes. Despite bringing in more than £1m last year, just £137,000 was donated to the needy.

Three bosses paid themselves £313,000 from the charity’s coffers, using shell companies to minimise their tax bill.

Local authorities in the areas where funds have been raised are hopeful that the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) will take action. However we are not expecting any action from them as they , like the Charity Commission in England and Wales, are not fit for purpose.

Indeed we are gathering evidence on a story about OSCR being told about corrupt dealings at a charity. When OSCR investigated they found nothing wrong! Upon review by another investigator it was confirmed that there was indeed something to be investigated. Very soon thereafter the second investigator was removed from the investigation and the review was carried out (against all principles of natural justice) by the original investigator, who again found nothing wrong!

You couldn’t make it up and you will see why Scotia Aid Sierra Leone will not be quaking in their boots at the thought of an investigation by OSCR.

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