Salvation Army Xmas Appeal

sally ann logoThe Salvation Army Xmas Appeal has been appearing on TV and dropping through our letter boxes recently. It must have cost a small fortune.

As a former donor, the Salvation Army sent me a Christmas card and a personal letter asking for money with the headline:

Our greatest wish this Christmas is that no one should be homeless, hungry or lonely. Please help us do all we can to make it come true.

They make no mention in the letter that they are actively making the misery of homelessness, hunger and loneliness more common by participating in the government workfare sanctions imposed on the disabled, sick and vulnerable who are forced to work in their shops. These workfare sanctions can often lead to benefit cuts of up to three years long and in many cases sanctions have led to the death of vulnerable people.

They should be forced to declare an interest here as they make money from these workfare schemes that force benefit claimants (many of whom are sick and disabled) to work in their shops.

The Salvation Army claim they don’t use workfare but see this previous story here, that proves that they do.

They just don’t get it and until they do they will not be getting any of my funds.

Remember if you really want to help the homeless, hungry and lonely there are lots of local charities in your area who do fantastic work without exploiting vulnerable people. (see boycott workfare site to check your chosen charity don’t use workfare)

The SA had an income of £181 million last year. (See here)

When will enough be enough for them.

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