Sue Ryder Care Waste £100,000

sue-ryder-logoA care centre’s controversial plans to build a new £8m facility on part of an ancient woodland have been withdrawn.

Cuerden Hall, in Cuerden Valley Park, run by the Sue Ryder Care charity, unveiled its plans for the development in the setting of its grounds.

But objectors were outraged and a campaign – with the website helping to lead the protest – was launched. Now the charity has shelved the scheme.

Read more here in the Lancashire Evening Post. The comments are interesting.

Why would Sue Ryder Care try to get planning permission to build on ancient woodland? The answer perhaps is found when perusing the Director of Property, Stephen Brimfield’s Bio on their website (here).  One of his main roles is:

…seeking to maximise the value of our estate by seeking valuable planning permissions

It has been suggested that the application, consultant fees and commissioned reports has cost the charity £100,000. Money that could and should have been spent on care.

The Sue Ryder Organisation takes another hit to its reputation as once again the dedicated, hard-working and poorly paid staff of a national charity have been let down by those who are paid to supposedly know better.


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