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The Mail on Sunday newspaper carried out a disgusting attack on the Trussell Trust (food bank charity) and Citizens Advice Bureau (advice charity) today.

In the article, the Mail journalist, Ross Slater, lied to a volunteer worker at a Citizens Advice Bureau to see how easy it was to get vouchers for a food bank, run by the Trussell Trust. The journalist received a food package after claiming to be an unemployed father of two who was struggling to make ends meet.

Mail on Sunday Lies

The article had the following sub-heading:


However, the journalist slipped up in the article by stating that he only received the voucher after being asked a series of questions. (see picture below).

Food banks mail on sunday article

The Mail is renowned for sloppy reporting but this article has plumbed new depths.

The article has also backfired as donations to the Trussell Trust have surged.

Read the Trussell Trust response here.

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