Comic Relief Expose Update 2

bbc panoramaGina Miller of Miller Philanthropy has added her views on the BBC Panorama’s ‘All in a Good Cause’ which exposed how donations made to Comic Relief were invested via leading fund management companies rather than going straight to worthy recipients.

She says that the revelations: “will have surprised many donors, but it did not surprise me”.

“As an investment manager (co-founder of SCM Private), philanthropist (founder of Miller Philanthropy) and a passionate campaigner for true transparency in both the financial services sector (True and Fair Campaign) and the Third Sector, I am disheartened by the lack of transparency across some Third Sector organisations where donors are misled, or at the very least, not fully informed”.

She also makes an excellent point on the pay of Charity Chief Executives against those at the coalface who actually deliver the services and earn very little.

Comic Relief LogoIn relation to Comic Relief she says: “What was very telling was that Comic Relief had changed the way it shows its investments in its annual accounts since 2009 and refused to supply Panorama with any up-to-date investment information”.

Think about that when Comic Relief come collecting money from you.

Gina makes another crucial point: “No organisation connected with the public’s money should be beyond scrutiny and transparency”.

To read the comments in full click here. If you have an interest in good charity governance then take the time to read this document.

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