Lord Bhatia ‘Misappropriated £600,000’ EMF Funds

Ethnic Minority Foundation

lordbhatiaThe Ethnic Minority Foundation has accused Lord Bathia (left) of misappropriating over £600,000 of its funds while he was in charge. Lord Bhatia has made a counter-claim against the EMF for £250,000.

Lord Bhatia faces a series of allegations relating to a total claim of £625,961, including:

  • That he awarded himself a contract of employment without ratification from EMF’s board. The charity says the contract is invalid and, even if it had not been, the £100,000 salary was excessive and they are entitled to £187,318 back
  • That his personal chauffeur was paid more than £40,000 a year, which was charged to the charity. In January 2012, Lord Bhatia gave him a £12,000 loan and £12,000 pay rise on the same day, effectively a huge cash gift
  • That EMF alleges Lord Bhatia owes it £94,094 for failing to make agreed contributions to rental it was paying for a premises owned by the peer
  • That he put a relative and long-term acquaintance on the charity payroll – to the tune of £75,264 – when they were private personal assistants working mainly for him
  • That he charged to the charity £22,746 for private medical insurance for three members of his family
  • That the peer made other inappropriate expenses claims, such as for nearly £800 of duty-free and almost £5,000 of House of Lords refreshments. Some expense forms were authorised by Lord Bhatia for himself, contrary to charity policy, the charity say.

For more information read this report by Mark Daly from BBC Newsnight and watch the video.

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