Comic Relief Expose Update

Comic Relief LogoBBC will now broadcast a Panorama investigation into Comic Relief that had previously been postponed. See our Previous Post on this.


If the claims against Comic Relief about investing in tobacco, alcohol and arms firms are shown to be true then this will just be one more example of how many charities use celebrities to lull the general public into assuming they are supporting a worthwhile cause.


If the claims against Save The Children about refusing to run campaigns on fuel poverty that might upset their energy company partners are true, then it will add weight to our theory that many charities are simply big businesses and should have their charitable status removed.

As we suggested before, perhaps Comic Relief should abandon the traditional red nose logo for a new one. May we suggest a red face!!!

The programme will be shown on BBC One, Tuesday 10 December 2013 at 22:35.

Who Do You Trust?  Question Everything!

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5 Responses to Comic Relief Expose Update

  1. Mike Lexis says:

    I have worked as a householder/carer for the last 2 years and as far as I am concerned – ‘Most charities are corrupt – ‘ CEO paid fortunes’ Government do nothing and watchdogs just don’t have any power.

  2. Mike Lexis says:

    The volunteer sector are treated poorly and given no rights to object – The so called charities pay themselves big wages and will lie and cheat to beat the complaining charity worker, because they don’t want the people who care to rock their greedy ‘ nice little earner. I worked 24/7 for 2 years – The charity worked 9 to 5 – They claim no duties or obligation when things go wrong – The are greedy spongers, in my view.

  3. Mike Lexis says:

    Look at the ‘charity commission’s ‘ rich list’ It exposes so called charities for what they are!
    Charities receive billions – some of them direct just 48% of income to the target charity – they share the rest or bury it in accounts. This not a one off – hundreds are at it! COMPLAIN! – BE HEARD!

  4. Mike Lexis says:

    Define charity – or simply define how it is right to receive 400 000 pounds salary from public funds!
    Most charities, in my humble opinion – don’t give a jot about young homelessness – just about how much the youth can generate…..

  5. kevthepoet says:

    Oh for crying out loud, can we please just tear this god forsaken system down and start again?

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