Comic Relief Expose Shelved

comic-relief-logo1The Daily Mirror and  Daily Telegraph report that the planned broadcast of a BBC Panorama investigation into Comic Relief has been postponed.

The six-month probe for Panorama was carried out by independent TV company Matchlight.

The Claims Against Comic Relief

  • How they invested £150 Million for eight years rather than give the money to the causes it was raised for.
  • Some of the money was invested in weapon and tobacco companies
  • Staffing costs at Comic Relief have allegedly almost doubled from £7.1million a year in 2008 to £13.5 million by 2012.
  • The Mirror found a project to sell Gordon Ramsay branded cooking sauces has lost the charity £800,000.
  • At the end of 2012, the celebrity-driven independent charity, which fights poverty in the UK and abroad, was sitting on £261million, including shares, bonds and cash.

The BBC has once again shown that it cannot investigate itself.

Perhaps Comic Relief should abandon the traditional red nose logo for a new one. May we suggest a red face!!!

Who Do You Trust?  Question Everything!

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