AGE UK Take Money From Company Accused Of Harassing Pensioners

age uk logoAge UK are in the news for partnering with a company that is accused of using high pressure tactics to sell pensioners overpriced mobility scooters.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Pensioners who contact Age UK asking for advice about which mobility scooter to buy are told to contact Quingo, referred to as “leading scooter specialists” by the charity.

Quingo has been accused of bombarding pensioners with calls and attempting to send sales reps to make pensioners buy expensive scooters costing up to £6,000. Quingo ‘donate’ around £100,000 per year to Age UK.

Age UK have previously admitted to making money by passing its customers on to the shamed financial advice firm (owned by HSBC) the Nursing Homes Fees Agency (NHFA).

The Financial Services Authority said that 2,485 people were mis-sold investments by NHFA, with the average age of those who purchased the bonds being 83. It reported that “a sample of NHFA customer files found unsuitable sales had been made to 87 per cent of customers”.

NHFA was fined £10.5m for selling inappropriate investments to thousands of pensioners.

NB. Age UK is the charity formed from Age Concern and Help The Aged. Age UK had an income of  £167,655,000 last year.

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3 Responses to AGE UK Take Money From Company Accused Of Harassing Pensioners

  1. S. Bretton says:

    These figures are appalling. Age Concern used to be exactly that – concern for the elderly. But since it became Age UK all concern for the elderly has gone out of the window and its’ only concern now is to pay huge wages, make as much money as possible and loan enormous sums to the C. E. of Age Birmingham. IF she needed a loan she should do what the elderly have to do – and get it through normal commercial sources. Surely we should be told what interest rate she is paying – no doubt one that benefits her substantially.

  2. Jude L says:

    This reminds me of my experience: in 2010 I think it was I signed up to an energy deal that was linked with Age UK and Eon (they were door to door).
    After a year I changed energy supplier again and thought no more about it until this year 2014 I received a letter about miss-selling/misrepresenting the energy costs from Eon.
    I phoned Eon as I felt the letter was worded in a way that was detrimental to the customer and it transpired I fitted the criteria for having been miss sold and consequently I was sent a cheque as compensation.

    This left me with serious doubts about the schemes that Age UK is willing to get involved with and to lend their name to.
    I wonder if Eon makes a large donate to Age UK or was the charity unaware of tactics being used to sell in this case (the ‘offer’ was only available to the over 50s)
    I had had a ‘run in’ with Age UK already, when just after in increased its day centre costs to over £50 and sent me (a fit, working 54 year old) a booklet on how to look after myself !!!!!!! My argument being if they didn’t waste so much money sending out things like that they could care for people in need better and cheaper.

  3. Jude L says:

    Yep re my experience with e-on and Age concern – they are still at it it seems. Should have gone to the papers at the time and saved a few people from the ‘con’

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