British Heart Foundation

bhflogoThe British Heart Foundation are the UK’s number one heart health charity. They are also the biggest charity retailer in the UK.

Full Annual Accounts for 2012 are readily available on the Charity Commission Website here.

BHF Annual Accounts 2012 – Highlights

Annual Income = £ 249, 893,000

Reserves (Liquidity) = £251,200,000

Staff who earn £60,000 or more:

10 employees earned £60,001 – £70,000
10 employees earned £70,001 – £80,000
5   employees earned £80,001 – £90,000
4   employees earned £90,001 – £100,000
1   employee  earned £110,001 – £120,000
3 employees earned £120,001 – £130,000
2 employees earned £140,001 – £150,000
1 employee earned £170,001 – £180,000


Regional Volunteer Fundraising income for the year was £9 million.

BHF entered into new corporate partnerships with a number of companies, including Dairy Crest, Lloydspharmacy, and SJ Berwin. Santander have agreed a three-year sponsorship of BHF’s cycling events, including the flagship London to Brighton Bike Ride which has raised over £50 Million pounds.

BHF received £53 million in legacies during 2012.


BHF are the largest charity retailer in the UK, with a total of 709 Shops, including 142 Furniture & Electrical stores. They made £28.7 million net profit in 2012.
last year.


A few months ago, the British Heart Foundation boasted that they had 600 people working in their shops from placements on Mandatory Work Activity (MWA).  For more details on BHF, Workfare and MWA read Boycott Workfare.

The bad news for the sick, disabled and unemployed is that BHF plan to expand their Furniture & Electrical retail business as well as ‘recruiting more volunteers’ to help them run their stores.


BHF could employ workers using just a small amount of the nearly £29 Million they earn in profit from their shops. People have to realise sooner rather than later that these organisations are no longer charities they are businesses, very big businesses and they will act like businesses. If they can make profit from forced labour then they will do so.

Remember these facts when BHF come to your door, stop you in the street or ask you to participate in their fund-raising events!

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