Disabled Charities and ILF

Disabled People Against Cuts have produced evidence showing that some of the big disability charities have let down the very people they claim to support by being indifferent and apathetic to the closure of the Independent Living Fund (ILF).

Since it was created in 1988 the ILF has helped many thousands of disabled people to live independent lives. It has targeted support at the most severely disabled people in the UK who face the greatest barriers to independent living, enabling them to remain living in the community rather than in residential care, to work, and play an active part in their community as full citizens.

In December 2010 the fund was closed to new applicants because the government had reduced the amount of money it gave to the fund.  It is now proposing that the fund close completely in 2015, leaving users to rely on local authority adult care services.  This is at a time when the funding for local authorities is being dramatically reduced and many authorities are cutting services for disabled people.

It’s just another attack, one of many on the disabled, from the Conservative and Liberal Coalition under the guise of austerity measures.

See the summary of Secret Correspondence, on the ILF Closure, from the DWP to the Minister for the Disabled at the Disabled People Against Cuts site.

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