YMCA England

Ymca IncomeThe Young Men’s Christian Association in England (YMCA) seems to behave like many charities. They stick the name Christian in their title then proceed to behave in a very unchristian way.

This is especially true of those charities who profit from their use of free labour through the governments workfare schemes from which the YMCA benefit greatly.

YMCA (England) Annual Accounts 2012 – Highlights

Annual Income = £22 Million Pounds

Reserves = £1 Million

Staff who earn £60,000 or more:

4 employees earned £60,001 – £70,000
1 employee earned £80,001 – £90,000

YMCA Charity Shops

YMCA earned over £11 million pounds from their 150+ shops. No wonder they are desperate to fill them with free labour from the workfare programme. Paying staff would mean fewer profits. Why pay staff when you can get your workforce for free?

The YMCA are unrepentant about their profit from the workfare programmes and recently released a statement ignoring the fact that people refusing or unable to work for them will have their benefits suspended for up to 3 years. Their own President, Bishop John Sentamu, has spoken out against workfare in the past.

Christianity & Workfare

Not all Christian’s agree with the YMCA’s profit from the workfare schemes.

Chris Wood, a spokesperson for Christianity Uncut, said:

“Workfare workers are not volunteers – their work is not voluntary but obligatory, and they should be paid a living wage. Instead they are being threatened with losing the benefits on which they live if they refuse to take part in this forced labour scheme.

“We are deeply saddened that charities such as the Salvation Army and YMCA are undermining the good work they do, and their witness to Christ, by participating in workfare schemes. Throughout the economy, workfare is increasing poverty and unemployment by reducing the jobs available for paid staff. Christians need to make a public witness against workfare and proclaim Jesus’ teaching that ‘The worker is worthy of his pay’ (Luke 10,7).”

Boycott Workfare Campaign

If you disagree with the YMCA abusing the sick, disabled and unemployed then join the campaign to boycott workfare and make your voice heard.

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