rspcalogoandincThe Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is the UK’s largest animal welfare charity and operates in England and Wales.


Like many other huge charities the RSPCA claim they don’t use workfare. However, this letter proves otherwise. They also state they only use volunteers yet the letter clearly states the work is mandatory.

Why do charities try to lie their way out of this? They must know they will be found out. Workfare is a modern form of slavery and you would not expect an organisation like the RSPCA to be involved in it or even worse, profit from it. Look at their income, it’s not as if they need the money. But then they kill rehomeable dogs and cats – don’t they!

rspca-blog-articleThe RSPCA are not universally loved by all animal lovers. This old article seems relevant today, some three years later. The question is asked: Why do we need them? A very good question, it seems.

Full Annual Accounts for 2012 are readily available on the Charity Commission Website here.

RSPCA Annual Accounts 2012 – Highlights

Annual Income = £116,200,000

Reserves = £27 million pounds

Staff who earn £60,000 or more:

9 employees earned £60,000 – £69,999
5 employees earned £70,000 – £79,999
3 employees earned £80,000 – £89,999

1 employee earned £110,000 – £119,999

£121,184 was paid into pension schemes for these employees.

During 2011 the RSPCA received £7.31 million in legacies payable to local branches. These millions are not counted in the above accounts.

They Kill Healthy Cats & Dogs

rspca-wont-savemeThe RSPCA still kills rehomeable dogs and cats, despite their income and reserve levels.

Nos of rehomeable dogs killed = 625

Nos of rehomeable cats killed = 667

Some commentators suggest the numbers of healthy cats & dogs killed by the RSPCA is much higher than this.

Notable RSPCA Vice-Presidents

Caroline Lucas MP
Chris Packham
Caroline Dineage MP
Bill Oddie OBE
Brian Blessed
Richard Howitt MEP

It’s your money – spend it elsewhere – What about The Dogs Trust: they never destroy a healthy dog. There are also many local cat and dog homes that could do with donations.

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6 Responses to RSPCA

  1. the dogs Trust never destroy a healthy animal because if it isn’t perfect they don’t take it!

  2. Megan wingfield says:

    They take innocent animals and only pick a couple to survive
    i cant belive i wanted to work there❗️
    Things like this makes me so angry 😡

    • David says:

      You must remember that some of the animals aren’t healthy and are killed, in favour of them, it makes upset that this article lies about this thing, RSPCA DO THE BEST THEY CAN TO HELP THEM SURVIVE!

      sorry, but I just don’t agree about that information.

  3. Kate says:

    The RSPCA only put down the animals who have no chance of living a further HEALTHY happy life!

    They are doing some animals a favor, putting them out of their misery!

    This article is horrid and wrong👎👎👎

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