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inclogoThe Salvation Army is a Christian denomination charitable organisation organised in a quasi-military structure.

The SA claim to be passionate about getting people into work but they don’t tell us how much they make from forcing people on benefits to work for them for free. Indeed they have resorted to telling blatant lies by claiming they are not involved in the governments workfare schemes where the sick, disabled and unemployed lose their benefits, for up to 3 years, if they refuse or are unable to participate.

The Salvation Army have always denied being involved in workfare schemes. However, this letter proves otherwise.

James, who is unemployed will have his benefits stopped if he does not comply with this letter. It clearly states that it is mandatory and he will work in the Salvation Army Shop in Blantyre.


Why do charities try to lie their way out of this? Workfare is a modern form of slavery and you would not expect an organisation like the Salvation Army to be involved in it or even worse, profit from it. Look at their income, it’s not as if they need the money.

Full Annual Accounts for 2012 are readily available on the Charity Commission Website here.

Salvation Army Annual Accounts 2012 – Highlights

Annual Income = £162,208,000

Reserves (Unrestricted Funds) = £93 Million

Staff who earn £60,000 or more:

8 employees earned £60,001 – £70,000
4 employees earned £70,001 – £80,000
4 employees earned £80,001 – £90,000
1 employee earned £90,001 – £100,000

1 employee earned £120,001 – £130,000

1 employee earned £140,001 – £150,000

Let’s hope James sells lots from the charity shop in Blantyre – The SA employee’s truly need it!!!

The Cash bonanza does not end here.

The Board of The Salvation Army Trustee Company comprise Salvation Army officers and other directors with specialist expertise. All Salvation Army officers receive an allowance based on length of service and, as ministers of religion, are provided with furnished accommodation and a motor vehicle. The allowances received by the officers serving as directors ranged from £10,564 to £15,577 per annum and they did not receive any additional remuneration for their duties as directors. Two directors who were employees received remuneration of £69,599 and £62,334. The other directors did not receive any remuneration.

It seems, the profits of forced labour can be massive. I wonder what Jesus would say about their greed?

By participating in the vile workfare schemes this charity is serving itself, not the community it allegedly helps. Let’s boycott them!

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Update 25/03/13: More evidence of Salvation Army using and abusing free labour here.

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6 Responses to Salvation Army

  1. Peter R says:

    Have you actually read the annual statement from the auditors from 2012? Your information seems totally incorrect. Where did you get this from? The reserves on and income and expediture of roughly £250M went up by £1.5M thats does not seem to bad for a rainy day. Unrestricted reserves actually fell in 2012?

  2. The data comes from the Salvation Army annual accounts dated March 2012.
    We have linked this in our article. The Reserves (unrestricted funds) are detailed on page 16 of the accounts.

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  4. raymond jones says:

    mmm, sally army is a charity,charity is not work.there cant be a paid job at the end of it, as far as I know,I would suggest the sally opened a business financed some out of work people to staff the business, a caffee say. Sally makes a profit and gets to pay wages, they dont lose.

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