Sue Ryder

sueryderincome2012Sue Ryder is a national charity that claim they provide compassionate care to people with end of life and long-term needs.

Full Annual Accounts for 2012 are readily available on the Charity Commission Website here.

Sue Ryder Annual Accounts 2012 – Highlights

Annual Income almost £79 million pounds – £78,689,000

RESERVES £42m:  £41,935,000

Staff Pay:

6 employees earned £60,001 – £70,000
3 employees earned £70,001 – £80,000
1 employee earned £80,001 – £90,000
2 employees earned £90,001 – £100,000
1 employee earned £110,001 – £120,000
Contributions to pension schemes for these employees amounted to £26,104

They have 392 shops and plans for many more. No doubt they will be staffed by forced labour from the workfare schemes.

Compassion and Workfare

Sue Ryder claim to be a compassionate charity. This does not include compassion for those who are sick, disabled and unemployed. Confronted by campaigners about their use of forced labour to make money the charity tried to spin that they only used volunteers who were willing to work in their shops. However, they are well aware that if people on benefits refuse or cannot work in their shops that their benefits are cut or stopped completely, for up to three years. There is no provision under the workfare programme for people to volunteer – it is, as Sue Ryder are fully aware, mandatory.

Disabled Now Forced To Work For Free

From 3 December 2012, job centre and work programme case managers have the power to stop the benefits of those claiming the employment and support allowance (ESA), who do not agree to mandatory work placements. Those in the ESA work-related-activity group include cancer patients, stroke victims and people with mental health issues.

Forcing the disabled to work has been the last straw for many charities who are now refusing to participate in workfare schemes. Sue Ryder seem happy to ignore public opinion and continue to ruthlessly exploit the sick, disabled and unemployed on workfare programmes to make money.

We always say that charities can be just as ruthless as big business. The Sue Ryder charity has previous. Sue Ryder, the founder of the charity, claimed she had been locked out of the charity’s offices, and accused the trustees of betraying its volunteer helpers and splashing out on new offices in central London.

UPDATE: 25/02/13 – Sue Ryder announce (in a less than compassionate tone) their phased withdrawal from the mandatory back-to-work schemes. (Read here). We’ll be watching you!!!

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3 Responses to Sue Ryder

  1. Neeraj says:

    Well this is unnecessarily hostile. It is true that the charity got involved with the exploitative workfare system without properly considering it’s true nature. However… Sue Ryder do a vast amount of amazing work, helping thousands of people. Which seems to have been utterly omitted from this review.

    Appallingly prejudiced.

  2. Michael says:

    Sue Ryder
    Lies and more
    This is supposed to be an ethical charity.
    Published February 25th 2013.
    Sill using workfare as of 14th April 2014
    While the charity undoubtedly helps lots of people it still exploits the unemployed.

    • last year Sue Ryder announced they were withdrawing from the government’s workfare programme.
      However. we’ve received reports that A4e have set up work placements with Sue Ryder in at least two shops and possibly many more. We understand that currently there are three people from the same course at the Finchley branch and two at the Golders Green branch.
      Are Sue Ryder lying about using workfare? – let us know.

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