Where To Start Our Research?

There are three main areas to research when looking at a charity. Income, governance and activity.

(1). INCOME: How do they earn that income? It’s not always easy to discover as many of them do not publish their annual report and/or accounts on their website. It’s irritating, but we persevere.

(2). GOVERNANCE: Board members, trustees and consultants. Who is guiding the organisation? What links do they have to the community they claim to represent? What’s in it for them?

(3). ACTIVITY: What does the charity do? Are they ethical? Do they benefit the community they claim to serve?


Arbeit macht frei sign, Auschwitz I

Unfortunately many charities are using the governments workfare scheme to earn income. Workfare forces the unemployed to work for no pay and therefore denying someone a paid job. They used to call this slavery. If they refuse to be slaves they are then subject to losing their benefits. These workfare schemes should be labelled Arbeit Macht Frei or Work Brings Freedom.

Disabled Now Forced To Work For Free

From 3 December 2012, job centre and work programme case managers have the power to stop the benefits of those claiming the employment and support allowance (ESA), who do not agree to mandatory work placements. Those in the ESA work-related-activity group include cancer patients, stroke victims and people with mental health issues.

Bear in mind full employment in the industrial age was achievable. It is not in this, the technological age, without government intervention. Governments of all parties have failed to create jobs for their people and have shifted the blame for this, from themselves, to the unemployed.

£5 Billion Pounds Wasted

The Government is spending £5 billion pounds of tax payers money on workfare schemes and are evangelical in their support of them. Many of the workfare programmes were recently found to be illegal by the courts. The government has simply introduced new regulations.

Workfare and its abuse by charities looks like a good area to research first. Charities known to profit from the scheme include: The Conservation Volunteers, YMCA, Salvation Army, Sue Ryder, RSPCA and PDSA.

Our first report concerned the Cup Trust a charity set up as a tax avoidance scheme. This must be the most unethical charity ever set up in the UK.

The Conservation Volunteers

We will begin by looking at The Conservation Volunteers whose enthusiasm and defence of their use and profit of the Mandatory Work Programme (MWA) is full of testimonials of success. This document could be subtitled the modern Arbeit Macht Frei. As we recall, the Nazi’s had many apologists too.

Read the report on The Conservation Volunteers here.

Workfare Links:

Boycott Workfare (Campaign)

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