Charities Scared to Upset Funders

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Campaigning charities are increasingly fearful of speaking out on behalf of vulnerable people because of the widespread use of gagging clauses in contracts and attacks by ministers on voluntary organisations’ freedom of expression, an independent inquiry has found. Unfortunately some organisations are more interested in saving their jobs rather than representing those who need it most.

The panel on the independence of the Voluntary Sector published a report: Independence Under Threat: The Voluntary Sector in 2013. Get the Report Here.

This is nothing new says one of our contributors. He recalls working for a national anti-poverty organisation in Scotland claiming to represent the most vulnerable in society. As the organisation was largely funded by the Scottish Government he was asked to give a presentation to Government Ministers on the projected work plan for the coming year. Full of enthusiasm, he cheerfully set out how the organisation would set up various campaigns to garner support for action against poverty. When the presentation was over he was congratulated by the Minister. A little later he was told by his boss that the minister’s office had been in touch and that there would be no campaigning or they would lose their funding.

Shortly after this our contributor left the organisation that still to this day continues to accept the governments funding while claiming to represent the most vulnerable in society.

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